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New Emergency Vehicle Product Catalog

Explore our new Emergency Vehicle Product Catalog!

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Carson Introduces the NEW UPDATED SC-407 Enforcer Siren

Carson Sirens is proud to introduce the updated SC-407-20 14 Enforcer full featured light control siren.

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Welcome To Carson Sirens, Switches & Manufacturing Services

Carson manufactures rugged, reliable products and we have been doing that for over 70 years. Through continuous development, we have found new ways to engineer durability into each of our models so that each of our 100% American made, dependable line of products is “Tough to the Core.” Call 1.888.577.6877!

Carson Company Update

After a turbulent and unparalleled couple of years, we have stayed on course with our projected building improvements and equipment purchases. With the growth of our contract manufacturing side of the business, we have added and updated equipment to meet demands. We have added both a lead and lead-free wave solder machine to our production floor. Both of these machines will help with our continued efforts to produce rugged and reliable products.

We were fortunate to stay busy during the pandemic, since Carson manufactures many products for customers that are considered essential. Carson employees remained vigilant and continued to work through those trying times, which showed that not only our products are reliable and rugged, but so are our dedicated employees. We thank them for their support, along with our customers.

We are poised with the people, equipment, expertise, and resources to meet any challenge thrown at us. We look forward to the future with the greatest of Hope. Let us know how we can help you and help you succeed.