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HVAC Rotary Switches

Heating, Air-Conditioning and Ventilating Equipment Switches

Carson has been manufacturing rotary switches for the HVAC industry for over 60 years. Our designs are durable, long-lasting, and a favorite among our clients. The Carson rotary switch uses a “wiping” action to engage the contacts. Built with heavy duty wiring, Carson rotary switches are great for commercial building fan controls, industrial fans, farm fans, sports fans, floor polishers, portable heaters & blowers, and dryers.

Carson rotary switches are versatile, durable, economical fractional HP rated rotary switches with built in standard components for the HVAC industry.

HVAC Rotary Switch Options

  • EXTENSIONS: All rotary switches are available with 3/16″ square shaft, 13/32″ extension and 15/32″ threaded double ‘D’ bushing, 1/4″ extension
  • QUICK CONNECT TERMINALS: Male quick connect terminals or PVC insulated wires with rated lead wire of any length available
  • PLATE-MOUNTED: All switches can be supplied as plate-mounted assemblies or rotary switches only
  • PUSH-ON KNOBS: Black push-on knobs can be used
  • FIBRE INSULATORS: .03″ protective fibre insulators can be printed or labeled (leads only)
  • SHIPPING: All rotary switches can be packed individually or in bulk


  • 10 Amps – 1/4 HP at 125 VAC
  • 5 Amps – 1/2 HP at 250 VAC
  • 5 Amps – 1/4 HP at 277 VAC