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Electronic Air Horns

Legal* Electronic Stutter Air Horn Amplifiers And Systems For Interior And Exterior Mounting

You asked, we listened. Carson Manufacturing has the answer for volunteers to be seen and heard. These loud and legal* audible warning solutions give you the sound and switching options needed for the POV market. This is a great option in states that don’t permit volunteers to operate sirens. Our electronic air horns give courtesy a boost.

HA-150 Under Hood Waterproof Stutter Horn Amp

HA-150 Under Hood Waterproof Stutter Horn Amp

If you work in a state or region that restricts POV siren use, then courtesy is really all you can rely on when responding to emergency calls. The HA-150 Under Hood Stutter Horn Amp gives courtesy a boost by providing a loud and legal*, all-weather, audible warning component to your POV light package.

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1-1/2″ H x 4-1/8″ W x 21/8″ D

Tones (listen):

  • “Stutter” Air Horn

*Legal in most states. Please consult your local/state vehicle codes to ensure compliance with vehicle horn regulations.