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Contract Manufacturing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for Contract Manufacturing

If you are unable to find the answer to your questions, please fill out our contact form, email us, or call our Customer Service Department at 888.577.6877.



Q: Are there any jobs that are too small for your capabilities?

A: At Carson, we specialize in smaller to medium sized production runs and prototyping.

Q: What kind of design work do you do?

A: We have an Engineering Department to provide electronic and electro-mechanical design services. This can range from working on existing product enhancements to turnkey new product development services.

Q: What kind of assembly work do you do?

A: We provide both electronic and mechanical assembly services. Electronic assembly includes sub-assembly with light wire and cabling, prep work by trimming leads and forming parts, conformal coating, potting and testing capabilities. Mechanical assembly includes hardware assembly, torque drivers, front panels, displays, cases, covers, hand tools and terminals.

Q: Do you have warehouse space for housing raw and finished goods?

A: At Carson, all raw and finished goods are housed in temperature controlled warehouse space with shelf space and accessible loading docks. We also have a dedicated shipping department that works with UPS, FedEx, and several LTL carriers and can drop-ship product to your customers. In addition, we have a Purchasing Department to source material and a Receiving & Inspection Department to verify that your parts meet expectations for form, fit and function.

Q: Do you have a list of your capabilities and equipment?

A: Capabilities:

  • Minimum PCB/Array – 3.2″ X 3″
  • Maximum PCB/Array – 15″ X 18″
  • 0402 chip components to 30mm X 30MM QFP/QFN
  • 12mil (0.3mm) minimum lead pitch
  • Vision Aligned Solder paste printing
  • 8 Zone (170″ long process tunnel) Convection reflow oven
  • Automated Axial and DIP component insertion
  • Automated component locator for odd-form components
  • Full width wave oven with external spray fluxer
  • Lead-Free (RoHs compliant) and Tin/Lead solder


  • MPM Accuflex in-line printer
  • Quad QSP2 pick & place machine
  • Vitronics XPM3i 8 zone convection reflow oven
  • Amistar CI-1800 DIP insertion machine
  • Amistar AI-6448 Axial insertion machine
  • Electrovert Econopak Plus Wave
  • RPS Selective Wave Soldering Machine
  • Cluso Vision System
  • Contact Systems CS-400C component locator